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GoIPNow Logo  Several Leading Companies Select ZeroOutages For Internet Uptime, Bandwidth Management, Redundancy And Peace-of-Mind

Irvine, CA, November 3, 2008 - XRoads Networks, the worldwide leader in Unified Bandwidth Management platforms, today announced that three top companies, representing three different industries, have selected the industry-leading ZeroOutages service.

Fluent Energy, Pixel2Canvas and LogoMark to increase bandwidth, ensure redundancy, improve customer service, decrease costs and increase revenues with new service.

Fluent Energy, formerly LepCorp (Leveraged Energy Purchasing Corporation) and a trusted advisor in both a managerial a consulting capacities to organizations interested in procuring wholesale energy, will deploy ZeroOutages to avoid costly downtime and improve redundancy.

"Making the decision to go with ZeroOutages by XRoads was simplified because of the immediate impact the service provides. We are looking forward to running our business with confidence knowing that our Internet connection is always on,” said Jason Cox, for Fluent Energy.

Vernon Eintracht, IT Director with Logomark adds, "As a growing promotional products supplier, we need to know that we will always be online and that our Internet connection is secure and redundant. The XRoads team has proven that the ZeroOutages service will incomparably support and enhance our business as we continue to grow."

Due to the high volume of large image files regularly uploaded to its web server, Pixel2Canvas needed greater bandwidth and faster access to these files, as well as redundancy in the event of an Internet outage.

"The peace-of-mind derived by the implementation of the ZeroOutages service will enable us to better manage and optimize our business, resulting in increased production and revenues," said Curtis Benton, President, Pixel2Canvas. "We are looking forward to dramatically faster file downloads, which will translate into increased customer satisfaction, overall lower costs and increased revenues."

Implementation at all three sites was completed in just a couple of weeks.

Increasing customer needs and the importance of the Internet to exceed those needs are driving companies to consider better service options to improve operational excellence," said Daren French, VP of Business Development for XRoads. "We are excited to have had Fluent Energy, Logomark and Pixel2Canvas recognize that ZeroOutages will help them exceed their customer service objectives. We welcome them as they join our family of worldwide, market-leading clients who understand the financial and operational value of effective bandwidth management and an always-on Internet mentality."

With this announcement, XRoads continues a level of momentum rarely seen during current economic times. During 2008, XRoads has consistently closed business and continues to grow its client list of blue chip companies.

About Fuent Energy

Fluent Energy, formerly LepCorp (Leveraged Energy Purchasing Corporation), was created in 1994 to assist organizations that wanted to be better informed when it came to making energy purchasing decisions, but lacked the expertise or resources to do so. Since then, we have served as a trusted advisor in both a managerial and a consulting capacity to organizations interested in procuring wholesale energy and acting as their own energy service company (ESCO). Our main goal is to guide you through the complexities of the energy market, so you can better understand the choices available to you. For more information, please call 716-842-1710.

About Logomark

With an emphasis on teamwork and service, the Logomark Team is ready to answer questions, work with you, and make each of your orders flow as smoothly as possible. While fortunate to represent the Industry's most exciting and highest quality products, the Logomark Team knows that distributors need much more. For more information, please visit www.logomark.com.

About Pixel2Canvas

With over a decade of experience in the photography, design and printing businesses, Pixel2Canvas is focused on delivering the best quality, artist grade, printed canvases to our fellow photographers and artists. For more information please call 949-215-4844.


About XRoads Networks, Inc.

XRoads Networks, Inc. is the worldwide leader in Unified Bandwidth Management platforms. Deployed at over a thousand Fortune 500 companies, universities, and SMB organizations throughout the world, XRoads Networks provides a comprehensive bandwidth management and monitoring solutions for both corporate and branch office environments. More information about XRoads Networks is available at www.XRoadsNetworks.com or by calling +1-888-997-6237.

XRoads Networks, "Unified Bandwidth Management"

XRoads Networks, and the XRoads Networks logo are trademarks of XRoads Networks, Inc. All other trademarks mentioned in this document are the property of their respective owners.

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GoIPNow Logo Several Leading Companies Select ZeroOutages For Internet Uptime, Bandwidth Management, Redundancy And Peace-of-Mind
Irvine, CA, November 3, 2008 - XRoads Networks, the worldwide leader in Unified Bandwidth Management platforms, today announced that three top companies, representing three different industries, have selected the industry-leading ZeroOutages service.

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