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ZXTM Load Balancer (ZXTM LB) is a sophisticated Load Balancer for networked and web-enabled applications, with a smooth upgrade path to scale as your service grows.

A high performance Load Balancer

ZXTM LB adds load balancing and resilience to your services, with high-performance SSL and content compression, content-aware traffic management rules and flexible health monitoring. It offers a low-cost starting point, with a smooth and cost-effective upgrade path to scale as your service grows.
ZXTM LB is available as software, as a hardware appliance and as a Virtual Appliance, and through Zeus' Service Provider License Agreement.

Load Balancing


  • Improves Performance
    With integrated SSL, WAN offload, and content compression, ZXTM LB dramatically accelerates many networked applications.
  • Creates Resilience
    ZXTM LB can be deployed in active / active high-availability pairs for load balancer resilience, and creates fault-tolerance for your back-end servers.
  • Adds Intelligence
    Content inspection rules allow you to send requests for certain web pages to specific groups of servers.
  • Improves Reliability
    By continually monitoring the health of your back-end servers, failed servers are automatically detected and removed from the cluster until they recover.
  • Ease of Use
    ZXTM LB takes minutes to install and configure, and includes a secure, web-based graphical user interface which provides you with visual alerting, health monitoring and cluster diagnostics.
  • Advanced Load Balancing Algorithms
    When deciding which is the most suitable server to send a request to, ZXTM LB makes use of several advanced algorithms, bringing extreme efficiency to content delivery.
  • One-Click Session Persistence
    If sticky sessions are required for your web application, just turn on session affinity with one click.
  • Connection Draining
    Allows you to remove back-end servers from your cluster safely without disrupting any users' sessions.