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The Zorp gateway technology

Complete application level control and content filtering in 21 protocols and in their encrypted versions. Central management, single-sign-on authentication, cluster support, enterprise performance: the ultimate tool in network security.

The Zorp gateway technology

Zorp technology is a robust perimeter defense tool, developed for companies with extensive networks and other institutes having high security requirements. During Zorp's design, the developers abandoned the traditional firewall architecture and designed a tool that can answer the security challenges of today and tomorrow.

Owing to the modular architecture, the new gateway can be easily extended with new modules handling new protocols, and is capable of handling the different layers of embedded communication standards.

 Based on the information obtained from the thorough inspection of network traffic, the graphical configuration interface backed with custom scripting enables the administrator to implement the network security policy of the company without any trade-offs. Advanced authentication services like Single Sign On and user-level QoS can be configured using the flexible authentication capabilities of the product.   Certified

Special features

Feature Description Benefit
Protocol compliance inspection Zorp verifies that all passing traffic complies to the specifications of the respective protocol. Protection from security risks resulting from erroneous applications and protocol-level attacks.
Transparency No client-side modification is required to access the resources protected by the gateway. Saves time and makes the centralized management of the network easier.
Complete application-level inspection The Zorp gateway recognizes all commands and attributes of 21 protocols. Restricts access to protocol options and provides detailed information for making complex decisions on the gateway.
Controlling encrypted channels Inspect protocols embedded into SSL and SSH Protects from uncontrolled secure channels and automatically verifies certificates.
Content filtering Content filtering of the network traffic in 11 traditional and encrypted protocols, using the selected third party engines. Virus and spamfiltering on the network perimeter results in reduced maintenance cost and increased security.
Advanced authentication Supports for all major authentication methods and databases (LDAP, AD, Novell eDirectory, etc.) Services protected by the gateway can require authentication.
Single Sign On authentication Kerberos based authentication on the gateway. Kerberos allows the user to authenticate only once to access all network services, including the ones protected by the gateway.
Configuration customizable using scripts The elements configured from the graphical interface can be extended with customizations using the Python language. Complex and accurate policies, including conditional decisions can be defined on the gateway.
A security policy without trade-offs The detailed configuration possibilities enable the administrator to accurately implement the security policy of the company. Threats of network attacks can be handled without reducing the effectiveness of business processes.
Software appliance The installer installs a complete operating system before installing the application. The modified Linux operating system provides a solid, secure base for the gateway application.
Highly optimized C code Security and performance are in the focus of Zorp development. The Zorp gateway can process large traffic, in spite of thoroughly inspecting the traffic.
Centralized management All Zorp gateways on the network can be managed from a single management server. Large, heavily segmented networks can be effectively and economically managed with Zorp.
High Availability support Zorp gateways support high availability. In case of hardware breakdown or other error the traffic is processed by a replacement system, providing continuous access to the services.
Load balancing Zorp gateways can form LB clusters. Several Zorp units can function as a single gateway to process very large network load.
Reacting to network traffic Zorp's proxy modules can modify the attributes of the transferred protocol, as well as the transferred data itself. Zorp can reduce the security risks resulting from misconfigured applications.